4nayz referral perks for Shuffle players

Extra Level up cash rewards!
Cashback on losses!
Slot battles!
Extra winnings for most 4nayz giveaways!

🔸Level-up Bonuses

Gold – 25 USD
Platinum – 100 USD
Jade – 250 USD
Sapphire – 500 USD
Ruby – 1000 USD
Diamond – 2500 USD

Access to exclusive VIP group when you Gold! Contact the moderators when you get there.


Depending on your losses you are eligible to extra cashback paid from 4nayz. Contact 4nayz mods here for more info!

If you are referred by 4nayz you are eligible for ALL the benefits 4nayz offers. These offers are exclusive and are not part of SHUFFLE promotions, meaning you can use both the promotions SHUFFLE and 4NAYZ offers you.

Note: The prizes are subject to change without any prior notice. Join the telegram group to stay up to date.